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We primarily invest at pre-seed and seed stages. 

We have a strong preference for SEIS and EIS-qualifiying firms. 


UK and selective US.  


We like consumer-facing startups, particularly: 

  • E-commerce

  • Fashion / cosmetics / luxury brands & tech

  • Fintech

  • Blockchain

  • Proptech

We generally avoid:

  • Food & beverage

  • Medical devices / pharma / biotech

  • Deeptech / semiconductors

  • Natural resources

  • B2B products & services

Things we look for (in order of importance)

  • Strong management teams with deep sector expertise

  • Ability to scale to £100m in revenues within 10 years

  • Clear, unique selling propositions (USPs) that can translate into sustainable competitive advantage and market leadership

  • Asset-light business models with high gross margins

  • A reasonable, researched go-to-market strategy, particularly with respect to customer acquisition costs

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